Monitor drops connection after 5-10 minutes

Using an LG Ultrawide via displayport, works fine on boot and for 5-10 minutes, then loses signal. Power cycling the docking station brings the monitor back online, but the cycle repeats. Problem occurs with 2 different laptops - 1xLenovo, 1xHP Please help!

Hello Dave, thanks for posting and I’ll be happy to help!

Would you be able to let us know the specific model of docking station you are using?

Based off of your description it sounds like the docking station may be defective, since it displays the same behavior on two different systems, but I would like to understand the model of dock you are using to determine if there is anything we can do to correct this behavior before beginning the replacement process. If we find that a replacement should be sent, we will reach out to directly to the email used to register on our forums to arrange for a replacement to be sent.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies