Model UD-ULTCDL: Turn off autocharging on Lenovo Yoga 920

I am confused about the role of the two USB-C ports on this hub. Is the ‘front’ port the one next to the audio ports and the ‘back’ port the one next to the HDMI/Ethernet ports? Because whenever I hook up to the back port it automatically charges the Yoga 920 regardless of which TB3 port it is hooked up to. I do not desire this as I prefer to charge the laptop when I want to, not all the time.

If I hook up the laptop to the ‘front’ 1.5A port it doesn’t do anything. There is no connection to the hub and it doesn’t charge it either.

I thought one port will allow connectivity but not charge and the other will charge (and allow connectivity would be nice) but this does not appear to be the case. I have installed the latest drivers from Plugable.


Thank you for contacting Plugable support! I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Charging functionality cannot be turned off.

The front USB-C port is only for downstream USB devices (like a flash drive, external hard drive, phone, etc).

In our experience, modern systems like your Yoga 920 have an intelligent charge controller that will determine if/and how quickly to charge its battery. The dock will always provide a charge if the host system requests power, but the dock will not “push” power to charge the system if it has not been instructed to do so via the USB-C Power Delivery specification (two-way communication between dock and host to establish voltage and amperage for the charge). With modern lithium ion batteries and charge controllers we would not expect to see any kind of major impact on battery life.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies