Mirroring dual monitors

I am running Windows XP and have dual monitors. I have two flat screen TVs and I want to mirror monitor 1 on one TV and monitor 2 on the other TV. I purchased two UGA -2K-A diplay adapters, each is hooked up to the TV with a HDMI cable.

I can only get the TVs to mirror monitor 1. How do I get them to mirror monitors 1 & 2. Thanks,

Hi Bob,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, I may have bad news for you.

Windows only allows additional outputs to mirror the primary (main) display. On XP, you can mirror the main display onto several monitors. On Windows 7, you can mirror onto just one.

So unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do exactly what you’re aiming for with Windows.

Can you say a bit more about the motivation behind wanting to mirror as you describe? We may be able to find a next-best solution for you that will get closer to the effect you’re hoping for.

Again, thanks and sorry I don’t have better news!