Measurement software for this Microscope?


Does anyone know of any software that will work with the USB2-Micro-250X camera that I can measure things in the picture it sees?

It would be awesome if that could be added to the Plugable Digital Viewer.




Unfortunately, with this type of device, digital measurement isn’t a wise venture.

The root of the problem is accuracy. To have accurate measurements at high magnifications, you must calibrate the measurement software at a specific magnification level. If that level changes in any way (focus change, distance change, slightly bump the device) you must re-calibrate or the measurements are inaccurate.

This is pretty easy to do for a fixed-magnification device on a rigid stand, but our device is far too variable for that.

For high accuracy measurements, I recommend purchasing a slide micrometer and using that to measure samples. You can also use the grid to estimate a lower-accuracy measurement, as each square is 5x5mm.

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