Macbook Air Turns in to a widescreen movie after unplugging my pluggable u3.0->HDMI

I have a macbook air with windows running on barebones using BootCamp, the pluggable USB3.0 to HDMI works perfectly when plugged in to the computer, but when i remove the adapter my screen changes to a different resolution which leaves black padding at the top and bottom of the screen.

Upon trying to change the resolution it appears to have amalgamated the a vga monitor and the colour lcd monitor which is the laptop screen. not sure what happens when I plug the screen back in, but this is an issue that i don’t really want to have to deal with everytime i unplug the adapter.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting. This is a really unusual issue that I haven’t seen reported previously - I’m curious to help get to the bottom of it.

We’ll want to have a look at some log files and driver version information. We’ve got a troubleshooting tool called PlugDebug that will collect the necessary logs into a .zip file that can be emailed to us:

After running the tool, please send the resulting .zip file to and include “Ticket 77965” in the subject line. We’ll have a look and see what the next best steps will be.