Mac support regarding VIA VL812

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Unfortunately I’ve no updates on this as of yet- this may take quite some time as communication between several vendors will almost certainly need to happen.

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Looks like there are some more venders posting regarding USB 3 issues:…

I also figured while we’re waiting for updates other readers may be interested in Apple’s reading material regarding USB 3:

Worth noting:

“Are USB 3 hubs supported?
Hubs that conform to what is commonly referred to as the “2008 version 1 USB 3.0 specification” are supported.”

It’s worth noting that USB 3.0 is a dual bus architecture, so natively USB 2.0 devices go through the USB 2.0 bus all the way through the hubs back to the host. At no point does a HS/FS/LS device even come across or interact with the SS bus.

Since USB 3.0 hub chips only come in 4-port (and fewer) flavors at the moment, hubs with < 4 ports use 2 or more hub chips. A 7 port is probably just 2x 4-port chips with the second hub connected to the first. The math adds up; 4 ports on 1 chip minus 1 port to plug in the second hub which adds 4 ports (4 - 1 + 4 = 7)

Has there been any updates on this issue?

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Nothing specific that I can report, however we have heard that 10.8.5 addresses the issue that has previously kept audio from working over USB 3.0 in some of our other devices- I’m hopeful this will also help your situation once it is released.

My best advice would be to check back in once 10.8.5 becomes final and publicly available if the issue persists after updating.

Any other questions, just let us know!

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