mac address error on boot port does not work

usb 3 pci express card mac address error

Hi Howard,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to help. Can you say more about your setup and how you are connecting the PCI-e card? The first thing to check is that the card is installed into a PCI-e 1X slot.

Also, be sure it’s seated all the way in the slot and if you have a small form factor machine, you’ll need to change the face plate so it will seat properly.

After verifying these details, can you say more about your system. In particular I need to know what type of machine you installed it into, what Operating System you are running and what devices you are connecting to it.

Thanks for these additional details,

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intel 945 cnl motherboard, home built, vista, ubuntu dual boot, usb 3 card pci express and usb flash drive

Hi Howard,

Thanks for the additional information. The specs for your motherboard show two PCI-e slots, one is 1X and the other is 16X. Can you verify that the card is in the 1X slot? Next, on your Vista boot, download and install the drivers here:

This will place a utility in your start menu that will tell you if the card is detected or not.

Let me know if these two things check out and we’ll figure out our next steps.


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