Longer USB C cable w/ power delivery

I have a Dell Inspiron 17 7000 and a Plugable UD-CA1 usb C dock w/ power delivery that work great together (aside from the underpowered adapter warning).

However, I need a longer USB C cable to move the laptop to a different location on the desk and I can’t find one that works without constant disconnecting or straight up not working. I’ve tried 2 different Anker powerline cables and they both don’t work. Do you have any recommended brands or cables that 6’ or do you sell any that will work?

Sorry to hear you are having issues getting longer cables to work. The longest cable we officially support is 1 meter. We do make a 2 meter cable, but it’s technically for Thunderbolt 3, however, it should work for the UD-CA1, but we have not done enough testing yet to officially recommend it.

1 meter cable:

2 meter cable: