Logitech wireless keyboard lags on UD-3900 connected to Surface Pro 3

UD-3900 with Surface Pro 3. Boss uses a Logitech wireless keyboard when in office but keyboard and mouse lag. No lag when using Surface Type Cover. Does he need a new wireless keyboard?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting! I’m sorry the wireless keyboard and mouse are lagging. I’d be happy to help.

Usually the type of behavior you’re describing is caused by interference between the wireless mouse/keyboard receiver dongle and the USB 3.0 controller on dock, as both devices operate in the 2.4GHz spectrum (as do microwave ovens, cordless phones, wifi access points, baby monitors, etc). In most cases, the issue can be resolved by using the wireless receiver in one of the top-most USB 2.0 ports on the back of the dock.

We have also had a few reports of interference still being present with the dongle in the recommended position outlined above. In these cases, most of our customers have had positive results with using a USB extension cable to put some distance between the dock and the receiver, or potentially experimenting with re-positioning things on their desk to try to minimize interference.

Apple has a pretty good article up regarding potential causes of interference, if you’re interested:

Intel also has a more thorough technical whitepaper covering USB 3.0 interference:

Hopefully in this case it’s just a matter of just moving the dongle. Please let me know if that does the trick!

Thank you,

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