lenovo yoga tablet 2 supported?

Since the Pro8 excludes it in the compatibility list I was wondering if any of the other docking stations does work with a lenovo yoga tablet 2?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Markus,

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Unfortunately, our USB graphics products including the docking stations support Windows system only at this point. For the Android tablet, I don’t think it’s possible to connect “external monitors” to it.

Sorry about this bad news, but hope this helps!

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Hi Sachiko,

sorry I forgot to mention that it is the Windows version and actually it is already upgraded to Windows 10. Do you have any experiences with that?

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I am sorry I thought it was Android. I’ve just quickly checked the Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet and it seems to have a Micro USB port. My guess is it’s for using the battery adapter, and the tablet doesn’t have any other USB port.

Technically you should be able to connect our UD-3900/UD-3000 docking station to the Yoga 2 by using an USB OTG cable. But please note that we haven’t tested the Yoga 2 tablet with Windows 10 yet.
When you are connecting the dock, the tablet won’t be charged. (Our universal docking stations don’t have any special functionality of charging.)

Regarding to Windows 10, please read the related blog posts:

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@plugable.com.

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