Latest 2012 Mini Mac and 7 Ports USB3 does not work

I bought from Amazon Back on Dec-2012 a 7 Ports USB 3 HUB Uspeed to be used with a Mini Mac Late 2012 computer. I been in your WEB Support and I see you have a firmware update, but I dont have a PC available and only Mac User. My mac does not reconized the majority of external hard drive.

Hi Jorge - no problem, we’ll be able to help. We’ll get back to your email. Thanks!

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for posting your question here! I’m sorry to know that you are having trouble with your USB 3.0 Hub.

If your USB 3.0 Hub is not the Plugable 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub but a different brand, please contact the manufacturer or seller of the hub for further support.

If you do indeed have a Plugable 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub, shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread and we will help resolve the issue.