Lag in typing, mouse controls and not recognizing LAN ethernet cord

(1) In the last 2 weeks I’ve noticed significant lag in connections to the Pluable port. It will randomly freeze the typing in a window, slow to process a click on a link. I have troubleshooted the computer itself with Best Buy Geek Squad, internet connection, Chrome processes, etc.

(2) My computer does not have a port for a direct land internet cord, so I purchased a USB to the ethernet cord and it worked, deducing that it is the Plugable port that is not recognizing it.

I attempted to reset it last week but has not improved.


Model : TB3T-UDZ

Hello Nicole,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable Support!

I am sorry to hear that you are running into issues with your TBT3-UDZ, but I would be happy to help diagnose the issue.

Just to clarify, when you mention that you had attempted a “reset”, are you referring to resetting the dock or the laptops? If you hadn’t already tried, I’d like to try performing a power cycle of the dock:

  1. Disconnect all USB peripherals and displays connected to the dock
  2. Disconnect the docking station from host machine, then disconnect the power adapter from power
  3. Leave unplugged for 1 minute for power to dissipate
  4. Connect docking station initially into power only
  5. Connect docking station to host machine, then connect USB peripherals and displays, then test for functionality

Please let me know if this helps at all.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

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