Hello I am using HP Probook and windows 10 and I have purchased pluggable UD3900.I would like to know whether I can close the lid of my laptop and work normally like from any HP docking station. I have plugged the device but as soon as I close the lid of the laptop the pc goes in sleep mode.

Thanks for posting!

By default, Windows puts the system to sleep when the lid is closed, as you describe. This behavior can be changed in the power management settings. To get to the setting in question:

-Right-click on the Start button/Windows logo

-Select “Power Options”

-There will be a plan currently selected with a radio button circle to indicate it’s selected. Next to the selected plan, click “Change plan settings”

-At the next window, click “Change advanced power settings”

-Scroll down until you see “Power buttons and lid”, and click the + next to it to expand

-Expand “Lid close action” with the + as well

(You’ll see a setting for both “on battery” and “plugged in”. If you only plan on using the dock while you’re plugged in to AC power, you’ll want to just change the plugged in setting and not make any changes to the battery setting.)

-For “Plugged in”, click where it currently says “Sleep”, and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Do nothing”, and then click “OK”.

After the above steps, you should be able to close the lid while using your external displays. Please let us know if that does the trick.

Thanks again for posting!