Issue with two displaylink monitors and the UD-3900 being plugged in at the same time.

Hello, I recently purchased the UD-3900 and I’m having difficulty getting all my displays to work. Whenever I plug in the dock, my two AOC e2251fwu monitors turn off. Whenever the dock is not plugged in they seem to work fine and the Displaylink settings are accessible, but whenever I plug the dock I no longer have the ability to edit the configuration of the displaylink control panel. This setup is on an Asus p1801.

Hi James,

Thanks for posting. DisplayLink devices generally play nice together, so I’m curious to help get to the bottom of it.

We’ll want to have a look at some of the DisplayLink log files to try and understand what’s causing the behavior. Please download and run our log-gathering tool from the following page:

You’ll want to run the tool the the UD-3900 attached and the AOC displays in a non-working state. Please email the .zip file created by the above program to with “Ticket 78835” in the subject line, and we’ll investigate further.