Issue with newly purchased Plugable 3900

Hi I am trying to setup this docking station but have the following issues
Windows 10

* All 3 displayes (laptop and 2 monitors) are mirrored. When I try display setting via Windows or Intel HD Control Panel, only 1 display is detected
* Ethernet does not work

Audio, USB ports are fine

I’ve installed the latest driver and do see the display link icon, but I do not see the driver for the actual docking station like I have seen in Youtube videos (image enclosed) which I imagine is the root of the problem but I do not know how to resolve it

The laptop is brand new out of the box and I have tried powering everything down and trying every USB 3.0 port. !](](

You can disregard, I resolved the problem.

Following the cleaning instructions and re-installation from another post did not help. So I decided to just plug one of the monitors directly to the laptop and extended the display, afterwards I plugged it back into the docking station and Windows could now see the extra monitors.

If it helps for the future when using Windows to detect the monitors when I had the issue it labelled them all as

1|3 - with 2 monitors in the docking station
1|2 - with a single monitor in the docking station

as mentioned they were all mirrored from the same display and using detect did not discover other screens.

Now that everything is working, this device seems great : )