Is USBC-E1000 compatible with Moto Z Droid?

I confirmed that other Moto Z phones (Moto Z Force, Moto Z Play) works fine with USBC-E1000. So it’s probably good with Droid too. But I just want to confirm that from you before I purchase this phone.

Hello Wooram,

Thank you for sharing that the Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play work well with the USBC-E1000.

I wish that I had definitive information I could provide regarding the compatibility status of the USBC-E1000 on each USB Type-C smartphone. Unfortunately this information is something that we largely receive through customer reports as it is unrealistic for us to test compatibility with each model of phone ourselves. For some major phone releases, like the Galaxy S8, we will get a sample of the phone and test our products against it.

With Android phones, it is entirely up to the manufacturer as to whether or not they include compatibility with Ethernet adapters. This compatibility can vary from one model of phone to the next, and sometimes even from one version of Android for that phone to the next.

Checking with the manufacturer of the phone may be the best way to find out if wired network adapters are supported before purchase. Otherwise, user reports will be the best method of determining compatibility currently.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.