is there a plugable docking station that is compatible with BOTH a dell latitude USB 3.0/USB-C and a MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3

I am so lost with these new computers and all the different USB there is now. Basically my situation is this: my work laptop is a Dell Latitude 7480. Apparently TB3 is an optional chip in this model and mine does not have it. so it just has USB-C/3.0 (also called 3.1 first generation maybe?). My personal laptop is a MacBook Pro with TB3. is there a dock that I can get that would work with both of these computers? Ideally, then I could just swap out one or the other when I am working in my office just with one cord, and my monitor, mouse, and keyboard would all plug into the dock. please help! thanks

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for posting! We have already replied to the direct support request you sent to, but to help cover all bases and for the benefit of anything else following this thread I am repeating the salient information below. If you have any additional questions, please just respond to my direct email so we can keep all future communication in one place.

"In terms of a suitable dock, our USB-C Mini Docking Station (UD-CAM) would be a good fit for your needs -> This dock requires a host system with a USB-C port, and your Dell system and Apple system have USB-C functionality (the Thunderbolt 3 ports in your Mac can also function as USB-C ports).

This dock will allow you to connect one additional HDMI display up to 3840x2160@30Hz, will charge the laptop and provide additional USB ports, wired Ethernet and audio output. ** If your monitor does not have a HDMI input, please just let me know the brand and model number of the monitor so I can determine what other options would be available. **

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