Is the USB3-HUB7-81X compatible with the Sonnet Allegro USB3M-E adapter card?

I am considering purchasing model USB3-HUB7-81X for use in a Mac Pro3,1 with a Sonnet Allegro USB 3.0 PCIe adapter card. Intended use is to connect multiple USB 3.0 external hard drives to the computer.

Is the plugable hub compatible with the Sonnet card?

Hi Fred-

Thanks for asking- sorry, but no.

We’ve previously confirmed this model basically supports only directly attached (not through a hub) USB mass storage devices on OS X.

We’re frequently asked about options to upgrade Mac Pros to USB 3.0, but unfortunately aren’t aware of any good options to do this that don’t have similar limitations:…

Sorry I’m not able to offer a more helpful answer here, please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies