Is having a CD player pre-requisite to install the USB3.0 docking station

Do I need a CD player to install the USB3.0 docking station properly? I’m in a chicken & egg situation. I’m buying the docking station partly so I can get higher number of ports, which will also help me run the external CD / DVD writer which requires 2 USB ports. But if this device needs CD player to install the drivers, then I might have to get just a simple USB port extender. Please confirm whether I can install all the necessary software online without needing the CD player.

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for asking ahead! No, not a requirement as long as you have an existing (Wifi or wired) connection to the Internet.

In fact, the preferred way to install drivers is just to plug the dock in, and let Windows Update automatically find and install the latest drivers.

Hope that background helps. Thanks!

Thanks Bernie for your prompt response!