I use 12 monitors, I am considering using 24 with a single computer, ARE THERE ANY CHALLENGES TO CONSIDER

I am using 12 plugables, 6each with 6 usb connected in each 7 port usb hub, all equipment is plugable, 6 go through a usb 2 and six through a usb 3, no issues currently

Thanks for posting, Nick.

Glad to hear you’re having good results using 12 monitors currently. (Most systems are limited to 6 because of USB resource issues outlined here: http://plugable.com/2015/09/08/not-en… )

You’re at the point where you’ll be hitting various low-level limitations – the USB resources mentioned above, as well as limitations to how many monitors DisplayLink can support (14, maximum, as far as we are aware).

So we wouldn’t suggest adding more at this point. But if you do, 2 more is likely as high as you could theoretically go.