I/O errors with my 4TB Go Flex

I/O errors with my 4TB Go Flex (3usb and 2 backwards comp) external hard drive on my XP Pro USB 2.0 connection. The drive mounts works for a while and then disconnects and i get a I/O error, then it asks me to reformat it? I transfered all my data off it, reformatted it, copied some stuff, and it still does it. It is a USB 3 drive with backwards compatibility which i connect to my USB 2.0 PS desktop sony viao. I really need this drive to work. would there be a problem with the usb 2.0 driver needing updating maybe. should just connect and work. Now i have no confidence in the drive to store backup data on. Help.

Hi David,

Thanks for posting here! I’m sorry to know that you are having trouble with your 4TB Go Flex external hard drive. Are you connecting the 4TB Go Flex directly to an inbuilt usb port on your system or through one of our products?

Could you post back and let us know which product of ours you are using?

If you have trouble figuring it out, just shoot us an email at support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID and we will pull this information from there.