I loaded the driver, rebooted and nothing happens. what can I do?

I have a HP laptop PC and 2 Dell monitors. I don’t hear from you I will return to amazon

Hello Doctor!

Thanks for the post. I’m sorry to hear our product isn’t working for you, but I want to help. If it’s ok with you, the first thing I want to do is try to get a little more information about your system and see if we can’t see what happening. We have a troubleshooting tool that helps us find out what is going on in situations like this. Please plug the device into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:


If you could please send the output of that tool to support@plugable.com I’ll take a look at whats going on and we’ll go from there. Please reference “Ticket 177782” in the subject line so it gets to me asap.

Thank you!

Hello Doctor,

Since we haven’t heard anything from you, we’re going to go ahead and close this thread. That said if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at support@plugable.com.

Thank you!