I don ́t know how to work my plagable usb adapter in my denon heos 5. When i plugged it, it ́s not working.

I have a Denon Heos 5 ( the old version, only with wi-fi ). See the amazona link below


Hello Bruno,

As discussed via e-mail, we only support the use of the Plugable Bluetooth adapter when it is plugged in to a Windows or Linux PC. Unfortunately we cannot offer support for plugging it in to a Denon Heos 5 as we do not have software that can be installed on, or perform troubleshooting with, on the Denon speaker.

Since the blue light inside the adapter is turning on, that would generally indicate that the Bluetooth adapter itself is functional. Issues with connectivity would have to be resolved by Denon since they are making the recommendation to use our adapter.

All the best,

Plugable Support

Just a quick update for other users who may encounter this issue.

While we do not support the use of the Plugable Bluetooth adapter when plugged into devices other than Windows and Linux computers, Bruno has relayed information from Denon on what is needed to get the Plugable Bluetooth adapter working with older models of the Heos 5 speaker.

After plugging in the adapter and the blue light turns on, you have to press and hold the connect button on the speaker until a green light flashes. This signals that the Bluetooth mode of the speaker has been turned on.