I cannot recognize my drive on my Mac

I recently replaced my hard drive and I want to transfer data from it to my new drive. My hard drive is not recognized when I open Finder on my Mac (Seagate Hard Drive Momentus 5400.3 80 GB 2.5 | Intel Mac unibody 2007 v 10.6.8). Please help me on connecting it.

Hi theonestep4-

Thanks for posting!

To simplify troubleshooting, I’d recommend connecting via the included USB 2 (instead of USB 3) cable. We’ll get into why later, but the short version is that USB 2 connections are more stable and easier to help us verify where an issue lies.

If you’re still not seeing a connection via the USB 2 cable (or if you’re already using it), please try other ports on your Mac, and/or eliminating any USB hubs or extension cords between the U3 and your Mac.

Here’s our troubleshooting guide for the product in case you’d like to work ahead, however please let me know how this goes and if you’ve any other questions:

Best wishes, and again thanks for posting!

Jeff Everett
MCTIP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies