HP Touchsmart 610 what R232 works with this system

I have HP touchsmart I need to connect to a payment terminal, (veriphone vx810) i have tried three usb to serial adapters… Terminal does not get commands. Any ideas, windows 7 64 bit. Hope someone has a product and or solution…

Hi Rory - Thanks for asking! Given what you’ve already tried with other serial adapters, we couldn’t be confident that ours would be any different.

It sounds like it’s not your PC or the serial adapters that are the problem, though – rather it’s more likely to be something about the Veriphone device that needs to be configured properly (on the PC or device side) to get it talking over a PC serial link.

I think your best bet would be to contact Veriphone and have them recommend / walk through what you would need to connect their device to a PC.

Hope that helps. Thanks!