How to pay

Hey, I bought a $20 HDMI to VGA cable some time ago. It worked then stopped, you sent a new one and that also worked then stopped. You then refunded me the money. Then I upgraded to windows 10 and now it works perfect. How can I pay the $20 for it? p.s you guys gave excellent support.

also I spoke to Greg there about the whole problem, and he handled sending me the new one ect.

Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for trying and confirming after the upgrade. It’s great to know that the cable is working well.

On the refund, while the cause of the problem wasn’t clear, fact was you had to live without the cable for a while. Consider the refund compensation for putting up with the problem, even if things were fine in the end.

If you wanted to do anything back, a product review is a huge help. We’re a small company and pretty much the product reviews make or break us. Especially a case like this where others might learn from the specific experiences before and after upgrade and why it worked in the end.

Here’s the link for a review if you have the time:…

Thanks again and please let us know if we can ever help in any way! Thanks again for your kind words!
Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies