How to get a USB3 15M extension with a USB3 hub

I need a USB3 total length of 15 meters. Can you daisy chain a USB3-10M and a USB3-5M together for a total extension of 15 meters? Or is there a USB3-15M product available? Also, can I use a powered USB3 hub on the field (sending) end of the USB3 extension to connect multiple devices to a laptop (the receiving end) of the devices?

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! Yes, you may daisy chain any pair of our USB 3.0 extension cables together. So in this example, the USB3-10M and USB3-5M combined will function correctly and provide your 15 meters of cable length.

The USB cables are designed with one USB male connector that attaches to the host computer, and one USB female connector that attaches to your USB device. Unfortunately it is not possible to ‘reverse’ the signal direction.

Note that some complex USB devices are very sensitive to any USB cable length beyond about 1 meter (3 feet). Please contact with any questions specific to your use case!

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