How To Driving Higher Resolution Than 1920x1024

Just installed USB 2.0 UGA(DL-195) with a Acer B273H monitor on a Lenovo T410 laptop running Win7. For some reason, the resolution selection for the external monitor (Acer B273H) doesn’t allow greater than 1920x1024, please advise how I can drive higher resolution to that monitor. BTW, this is the only reason why I purchased this product. Thanks!

Hi Paul!

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the USB 2.0 UGA ! We’ll get you up and running!

Let’s try to narrow this down a little bit:

  1. Are you connecting the monitor to the UGA, using a VGA or DVI cable?

  2. What is the version of your DisplayLink driver? To check the version of driver installed on Windows 7 click on Start->right click on Computer and click Properties, then click on Device Manager.

Expand the ‘USB Display Adapters’, what entries do you see there?
Right click on your device, click ‘Properties’, then click on the ‘Driver’ tab. What is the ‘Driver Version’ you see there?

  1. When you right click on the Desktop and click ‘Screen Resolution’, on ‘Display:’, do you see your Monitor listed by it’s proper name? E.g. ‘Acer B273H’ or do you see something like ‘Generic Monitor’ ?

Once we have this information we can suggest next steps!


Answers to your questions:

  1. DVI cable

  2. DVI-19, DisplayLink Display Adapter (0360), version 5.6.31854.0

  3. I see the monitor name Acer B273H


Hi Paul!

Thanks for that info!

Your driver version is the latest one, so all good there !

Let’s check something else:

When you go to ‘Screen Resolution’ and click on the ‘Acer B273H’, on ‘Multiple displays:’, what mode is the monitor set up to ? Are you on ‘Extend desktop to this display’ ?

When you click on ‘Resolution’ there, is the maximum mode 1920x1024 ?

Do you have any other monitors connected to the laptop?


“Extended these displays”

Yes, the max is 1920x1024.

Yes, the laptop display/monitor at 1440x900

Hi Paul,

So far we don’t see anything indicating a problem.

We see that the Acer B273H, can also be used with VGA. Can you try to connect the monitor using the DVI-to-VGA adapter and see if you are still having this issue?


No difference, still can’t drive higher than 1920x1024. Higher resolution options are not even available to select.

Hi Paul,

We would like to investigate this deeper. Can you please run the DisplayLink Support Tool and send the results back to us ?

Detailed instructions on running the tool can be found here.

Please send the results to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!