Hooking up a Dell Venue Pro 8 for a newbie

What do I need to hook up my Dell venue Pro 8 to a VGA projector, a USB flash drive and a USB presentation remote controlled and keep it plugged on so the screen doesn’t keep going blank.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for contacting us about using plugable products with your Venue Pro 8.

To use the devices you mentioned, you would need an OTG cable (which we don’t sell), a powered hub (a USB 2.0 hub would be fine), and a USB display adapter that supports VGA, which most of ours do. You can see them all here: http://plugable.com/products

You can have it delivered overnight if you select that option. We don’t fulfill ourselves. Our orders are fulfilled by Amazon, so when you order from Amazon, on the confirmation page, you will have a chance to select a shipping method that gets everything to you as fast as you need.

Unfortunately, at present, there is no way to charge your Venue Pro 8 while using it. However, we are currently working on a solution for this.

I hope this helps.

Plugable Support