Hi, plugable micro-usb ethernet didn't work on my lenovo a10-70idea ?thanks

Hi Savoisien,

Thank you for posting the question here!

Unfortunately, we don’t think that this adapter works with Lenovo Tablet 2 A10. For Android devices, the compatibility is completely Android device dependent. The reason is Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver. Hence the necessary device driver has to be built in when it’s shipped from the Android device manufacturer.
This is why this adapter works with some Android phones/tablets, but not with others. It’s all up to the manufacturers’ decision.

A bad thing is there isn’t any good way to figure out the compatibility, unless actually testing the adapter with the particular Android device. Plugable has been maintaining the information from our customers in the product page, and we’ve got one report that the Lenovo Tablet 2 A10 didn’t work:

Again, if the Android device manufacturer hasn’t installed the driver, there isn’t any way to make it work. Sorry about this bad news.

Please feel free to return the product to Amazon to get refund if it wasn’t the right product for you. Thanks again for posting the question!

Plugable Support