Hey, you guys made Forbes!


Hmm. Just noticed that they misspelled your company name though :(…

So cool! Thanks for pointing this out!

We’ll see if we can track down a contact and fix that spelling! :slight_smile:

Definitely! I wonder how many Mac users out there are now searching for the “PlugGable” 7 port USB 3.0 hub :(??

This is good news, what I’d like to see is the current kings of the usb hub world etc. fall from their high horses, because I am sick of their garbage they sell, maybe I sound harsh but Pluggable deserves to be known by anyone that owns a PC. Wouldn’t it be cool if you guys got a contract or something with someone like Dell or HP? Oh boya!

Thanks so much for the support, Sam! We’re not perfect, but we do try to be better at every level we can: better product, better information and help, and better service. Thanks again!

Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies


I thought that Plugable *IS* “the current kings of the usb hub world” :)!!