hey wouldn't it be cool if smartphones could just plug-and-play into Ethernet??

smartphone (android) compatable? I would love to ditch Wi-Fi in my home LAN but my guests still ask “hey what’s the wifi password” and I just want them to be able to jack in. Directly from their micro-usb to my Ethernet cables.

Might have to fiddle hard-core with my router and plugable drivers… but I like a good challenge! Any feedback or advice is welcome!


This post is 2 years old now so maybe someone has written an app? I would like to avoid needing a rooted phone though for my guests sake.

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately not much has changed with Ethernet/Android compatibility, as it’s still entirely up to handset makers to include or exclude Ethernet drivers from their OS images.

(Our understanding is they are included by Google by default in Android images provided to OEMs – so the OEMs are then removing these drivers on many handset models when they customize their OS.)

We’re still maintaining a per-device compatibility list based on our testing and customer feedback. If you haven’t already checked it out, please do: