Here & Gone - & Power

Hi Bernie,

My problem is two-fold. The hub is connected and then dropped and connected and dropped again. It’s recognized in my device drivers, but as an “unknown device.”

And the 2nd thing is a power issue - I plug in my i-phone and it tells me “not enough power to run this device.” I un-plugged it and put it in another port and then another and finally in one of the pop-up ports and it finally worked.

I don’t know if these are related, but help please.

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for re-posting with this additional detail, and very sorry your hub is experiencing these problems!

Looking at your symptoms, unfortunately it does sound ilke you have a bad unit, and we’d like to get you a replacement right away.

Here’s some background:

Getting an “unknown device” on the hub itself is a solid sign of a bad unit, (by contrast, getting “unknown device” on any of the USB devices attached to the hub can be many things).

On the Apple device charging, it’s important to set expectations that standard USB 2.0 hubs don’t have (and Apple generally doesn’t license them to have) Apple’s proprietary extensions to charge above the USB 2.0 standard 500mA rate. 500mA is enough to charge an ipod or iphone (for newer models, they could charge faster with higher amperage), and it’s enough to trickle charge the iPad but only when it’s off, and only slowly. This will be true of all standard USB 2.0 hubs.

So in short, things should be fine for charging your iphone (you shouldn’t get that message, especially with the iphone not actively on), and the problem you’re seeing is likely again tied to the unit being bad.

To get that replacement going to you, can you email with your Amazon order # and the serial number on the bottom of the unit?

Again, my apologies and thanks for your patience while we get you fixed up!