Help with Audio Pass-Through on Surface Pro, HDMI to TV as Monitor...

How do I get audio through HDMI Pass-Through to work again?

I have a Surface Pro (original version) on Win 8.1 and am using a Plugable UD-3900 to a Sony TV through HDMI for an additional monitor.

Originally, I could select this as my default audio device and use the television speakers to listen to audio, but this is no longer working.

Once I tried completely uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling, and it magically ‘worked’ again, but now it has stopped once more and I don’t know what to try next.

Reinstalling the drivers once a week isn’t a sustainable option.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting. I see you have also engaged us directly through our email support system. I will continue to work with you directly and post any relevant updates back here that may be of benefit to anyone watching the thread.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies