HDTV Compatibility

Is this device ok to connect it to a HDTV to use it as an external monitor?

Hi Lou,

Thanks for posting your question here on our support forum, I’ll be happy to help. To answer your question, I’ll need a little more detail about which of our products (http://plugable.com/products/) you are referring to.

In general, our USB graphics adapters can be used to connect to an HDTV as long as the HDTV has an output intended for computers and the USB graphics device has sufficient resolution to display up to the maximum resolution of the HDTV.

I can give you more specific advice with a bit more detail. Let me know the make and model of HDTV and the type of computer you want to connect to and I’ll tell you if it will work and which adapter would be the best choice.

Happy Holidays!


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