HDMI to VGA Active Adapter Cable, Dell XPS15Z, Windows 7 - no picture...

Hi there,

Just bought the Plugable HDMI to VGA Active Adapter Cable, and I’m trying to use it on my Dell XPS15Z (full model is XPS L511Z), running Windows 7 Home Premium. I’ve plugged the cable in, windows has detected a 2nd monitor (correctly getting the model) but when I choose to extend display and click ‘Apply’, I see a blank desktop background for about 10 seconds, then I return to the same point (“You must select Apply before making additional changes.”)…


I’ve yet to try this on another machine, so no other reference point at the moment.

Any ideas?


Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be glad to assist.

Based on what you’re describing, I think there are a couple possibilities - either insufficient power provided by the HDMI port to power the adapter chip in the cable, or potentially a defect with the cable itself.

I think the best approach will be to have a replacement cable pre-tested in our labs and sent to you which will resolve the issue if we’re dealing with a bad cable, or confirm there’s a compatibility issue if things behave the same way as they are now.

If this course of action sounds good to you, please email support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID number from the cable purchase and your preferred shipping address, and I’ll make arrangements for the replacement.


Good answer to problem. I used the same solution of having enough power to all my devices Laptop, two monitor, a Plugable USB 3.0 Docking Station having separate independent power supplies solving my problems with my external display but the monitor on my laptop still is running to shouting devices down orderly for restart is my best solution to restart my laptop again restarting the CPU.
After none use for awhile, Windows 7 will turn off the second display attached to my monitor on my laptop. And usually have to restart the computer laptop, to get the window drivers to turned back on the driver for the 2nd monitor back to working again.
Is there and easier way to get the Window 7 drivers turned back on? If there is an easier method to starting the windows drivers up again rather the shutting done method of restart available?
I have set the timer to maximum levels on the screen saver but it seems to happen when I have to be gone for several hours, that I will have a problem of the display not working in the Plugable docking station has been dropped by the operating system memory Ram as a valid device. I expanded Answer with another problem I am having with my setup that I had with my laptop.hardware timing out.

Thank You for the help and Good answer and solution for the problem being considered.

Best Regards

John 950

Hi John,

To better understand what might be causing the issues you’re experiencing, we’ll want to have a look at some system log files.

We’ve got a troubleshooting/log-gathering tool which will be a good first step. At your convenience, please download the tool from the following page:

You’ll want to run it with the peripherals and additional display connected. After it’s done running, it will save a .ZIP file to your desktop. Please email this file to support@plugable.com and we’ll be glad to have a look.