HDMI to Dp 1.4 active converter issue

I have an Acer XB280HK monitor which only has one DisplayPort 1.4 and no HDMI. I am looking to connect my PS4 slim with this monitor, I have done a bit of research and went and purchased a HDMI to DisplayPort active converter but I have come to piece everything together and it still is not working.
I have tried various power supplies to the active converter.
I have tried putting the playstation into safe mode which resets the video output.
I am clueless and don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to DisplayPorts so would be great for any help on this issue

Hi Edward,

We’re only able to provide support for our Plugable brand products here on our support forum.

I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer of your HDMI to DP adapter. (The reason Plugable does not manufacture this type of device is because all the designs we’ve tested have had various compatibility issues.)

Best wishes,