HDMI monitor has no display, DVI monitor works

I’m using the DisplayLink DL-3900 and have two monitors plugged in. One via DVI, the other via HDMI. Only the DVI monitor displays anything. When I turn on the HDMI monitor, it just tells me that there is no VGA support, and shuts off. When I first plugged in the HDMI monitor to the docking station, my laptop recognized it as a 3rd screen.
I have everything plugged in how the diagram in the package says, and I cannot get the second monitor to register through the HDMI cord. I even tried plugging in the HDMI monitor directly into my laptop, instead of the docking station, and nothing.

Thanks for getting in touch!

It sounds like your monitor needs to be set to the correct input. There should be a menu for video inputs somewhere in the monitors menus to adjust this.

Thank you! This worked. I previously couldn’t time hitting the input button before the monitor shut off.

That’s good to hear! Please don’t hesitate to contact us again for other issues.