HDD identification seems to be TOO hard.

Dock just arrived, powered and recognized. HDD inserted, however, is not recognized as “Unallocated,” but, as “No Media.” Drive letters are assigned, but choices are greyed out so I can’t initialize, if, in fact, that’s even a problem. OS is XP Pro. Gateway laptop has IDE HDD. New HDD is SATA, 1TB, and both are Western Digitial. HELP!

Hi Doced-

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If drive letters are assigned to a drive, this means the drive has already been initialized and formatted. My best guess from your description is that the disk might be “offline” under Windows’ Disk Management utility. I was a little confused that you mentioned this is a new drive, which I would expect you to need to initialize.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing a disk that is offline in disk utility. If this is the case, open disk management on your system (windows+r, then diskmgmt.msc, enter) simply click on the left side where the disk in question has a number assigned, and choose online.

I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction, but please let me know if you have other questions. If you do, if you’re able to share a screen shot of disk manager from your system, this will be most helpful.

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

Hi again Doced,

I just realized I hadn’t added the screen capture on my previous message- sorry about that, here it is. !](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/879872/disk-offline_inline.PNG?1364581820)](https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/879872/disk-offline.PNG?1364581820)