has anyone had this error message with a Bluetooth connector on win10? kernal auto boost lock aquisition with raised IRQL

I have a HP G62 laptop which I have just upgraded to win10 from win7. My Trust 17772 adaptor worked fine with win7 but not with win10 so I bought a modern adaptor (USB 2.0/1.1 to Bluetooth Adaptor,
I deleted the software for the Trust adaptor. When I plugged in the new adaptor, contrary to the leaflet supplied, the win10 did not automatically load the drivers. I went to the website and downloaded the drivers.
Each time I try to connect to my external speakers (Sony RDP-X200iP) I get the following message: "kernal auto boost lock aquisition with raised IRQL) The machine then reboots and the cycle repeats itself.
I would be grateful for assistance with this. I probably don’t need to tell you this but I am not a computer geek and would welcome any instructions to be written in user friendly language if at all possible.