GREAT Plugable 4 Monitor Set Up With One Problem

Thanks to the excellent help from the Plugable team, I now have a four monitor set up running off of an Inspiron.

Running 4 USB HDMI/DVI adapters, one UD3000 DS, and an Inspiron i15R-1633sLV.

Utilizing a Logitech external Bluetooth mouse, which works fine. Mutiple keyboards that I’ve tried, however, have stopped working after one or two keystrokes (Bluetooth and USB).

Is there a simple setting that I’m missing?


Plugable docking station, purchased via Amazon Order#: 107-6276551-3069044

Somehow, after reporting this problem 12 days ago, my external keyboard started working.

Alas,after shutting down laptop for several days, and restarting today, the problem has resurfaced.

Keyboard is plugged into USB plug on back of station.

Unplugging keyboard from USB docking plug freezes controls on laptop, necessitating a reboot.

No problems, whatsoever, with four monitors running off station. I need external keyboard functionality, however.