If you are here to help why don’t you have a phone number fot tech support? This product will not work and I am supposed to sift through your database to try and find out why? I don’t think so!

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the frustration. Online support enables us to have the same small group people who design the products provide support for them.

If we had a call center, unfortunately you would get the typical call center experience: low-paid staff and metrics to get you off the call as soon as possible. That doesn’t work for technical debugging. We avoid doing that to our customers.

If you email your Amazon order # to, we’ll be able to quickly look up what product you have and get info needed to solve the problem.

We also make use of utilities that, rather than a long set of questions, we can have you run on the machine and give us all the background we need. That unfortunately wouldn’t be possible on the phone.

So thanks for contacting us - I understand your frustration - but please just let us know what product you have and give us a chance to help!

Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies