Firmware for USB 3.0 hub USB3-HUB81X4 is out of date

A quick Google search (… ) shows that VIA (now?) directly provides firmware for VL810-based hubs in a place where end users can get at it, and the latest version available is 0.95 or “V9.5.0.0”, depending whether you’re looking at the version reported by the upgrade tool or the version mentioned on the web site.

Your blog post (… ) announcing newer firmware (V8.8.0.0) is out of date, and has been since 2011-11, if one believes the dates ODMs put on their web sites.

Please consider both updating the original blog post and making the newest firmware available from , which still doesn’t mention any firmware update at all.

Almost goes without saying: my Plugable-branded hubs accepted the firmware update and continue to operate correctly.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for pointing to the the new drivers package. We’ve now updated the blog post to point to the new Update tool for the Vl810 chipset.

We do appreciate your taking the time to let us know,