Faulty switch

I’ve had the plugable UD-CAM for about 9 months and it has a faulty switch. It turns off for about a minute and turns back on. Really annoying as this happens a few times a day. I tried emailing support@plugable.com in May but no one responded…great support right? I just sent another one and will see if I get a responds.

Hi Vince,

Thanks for posting!

You and I have been working together over email, but I just wanted to update this post with that information I shared with you directly.

Regarding the lack of a response – we had replied within a couple hours to Vince’s initial email back in May, but unfortunately Vince didn’t receive our reply. Plugable will generally always reply back within 48 hours at the latest (excluding weekends, holidays, etc). More often, we respond to support requests within the business day.

Thank you!


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