Hello, I have your USB 3.0 adapter. It has zapped one of my drives and now other HDDs will not mount to the desktop using USB 3.0. Do I need to have it changed out?

Hi Mark-

Sorry to hear about your troubles! Thanks for posting- I’ll be happy to help figure out why you’re not able to see your drives.

Can you please let me know what kind of computer you’re on? Not to pick on Apple, I love my MacBook Air, but they have a behavior where a USB port can be disabled till a reboot. A quick reboot can also solve a lot of issues with drives not being visible in Windows and Linux if you’ve not already tried that.

To be able to help, I’ll need to know what operating system you’re running- Windows XP/Vista/7 and 32 or 64 bit. The more details you can provide the better advice I can give.

Thanks agan for posting, looking forward to helping figure this out!


Thank you for your quick response, Jeff. I’m on an iMac. I definitely rebooted several times to no avail. Now that I use a new hard drive, I’ve found that the USB connection to the pluggable device is wonky, for lack of a better term. It mounts and unmounts the drive sporadically. Scary stuff as I’m trying to back up my info. I’ve tried using the standard usb cable and it seems to work, but then I’m transferring much slower. Can I send it in?

Hi Mark-

Can you please send your Amazon order id and verify your shipping address to

I’d like to try swapping your USB3 cable first since we’ve seen other reports of those being faulty. If you still have issues with the new cable it’ll be no problem to swap for another unit entirely, but we’ve found that just replacing the USB3 cable many issues are resolved.



Okay. Done. Thanks again!