External Dell monitor freezing and computer locking up

I have been dealing with this problem for a few years on and off. My Dell monitor which is connected through a Plugable 3.0 docking station continues to either freeze up my entire computer of disconnects completely. I have gone through every imaginable “fix” I could find on the web and nothing works. I have a Lenovo ideapad 500 and am using Windows 10 that came with the laptop. There used to be a phone number for customer service but now it appears no one feels like talking on the phone. They must have a lot of issues if you are not willing to talk with customers - pretty sad. I would love to hear the reasoning for that. Even an online live chat would be better than these avenues for customer service. The sad thing is also they are less than 10 miles from my home. Maybe I should drive over and let them figure it out?

Hi Craig,

Sorry to hear of the frustrations! We’ll be happy to help.

Can you please collect a set of system logs using our tool at the page below and email it to support@plugable.com so we can advise on the best next steps?

Regarding phone support, we were built from the ground up to provide expert-level support via email rather than the typical entry-level support that’s necessary when you provide support with a call center. This lets us look in-depth into log files and analyze each unique issue and provide step-by-step instructions. We realize this approach is not for everyone! Which is why we do our best to call attention to this both on our website and all of our product listings.