Extended display, not mirrored for Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro?

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro 15.4" optioned to the hilt except with the 1 terabyte SSD, with the latest Sierra OS, and a Dell P2418HT external monitor with Touch-Base drivers to enable the touch screen. The MacBook Pro and external monitor are connected with a Cable Matters USB-C to DP cable, and a USB-C to USB 3 cable. I have Windows 10 Pro on Bootcamp and on a VMWare virtual machine. I use the virtual machine to run a Windows only CAD program IntelliCAD, and other Windows only programs such as Bluebeam VU.

I can do an extended screen on the Mac side with Mac programs with no problem, and thus have a separate image on each screen. But on the Windows side and the Windows programs I am unable to do an extended screen, only mirrored screens, which means I have the same image on both screens. I have loaded the drivers for the Dell monitor into Windows. I have tried to redo the Windows settings to enable extended desktops.

But I must be doing something wrong, because I am still unable to get the extended desktop to work on the Windows side. I am still stuck with both screens mirrored with the same image. If I select extended desktop, the Windows screen image is just a black screen with an intermittent flickering cursor, and every so often a very small image of the CAD screen will flash on and off for a split second.

I will I’ll surely appreciate any suggestions to help resolve this issue. Thank you so very much for any help you can give me!

Hi Ronald,

I’ve left this topic open in case any community members had any suggestions to share, but I’ll be closing now due to inactivity.

(The Plugable team is only able to offer support for our Plugable-brand products. It sounds like you’re using Cable Matters products, so they will hopefully be able to help.)