Ethertnet USB 2.0 Gigabite LAN driver problems

Why doesn’t my Plugable Ethertnet USB 2.0 Gigabite LAN driver show up under network devices? I downloaded it from website. I have a Windows Vista system and it says the driver installation was successful.

Hi Celina-

Thanks for posting, sorry to hear your USB2-E1000 isn’t springing to action.

What is the status of the activity LED’s on either side of the ethernet port? If the device is working we should see a solid green “Link” light to indicate an active connection and a yellow “ACT” that indicates active traffic on the connection.

Since Windows XP and later systems should all auto-download the drivers when the device is first connected to the system, trying the device with another Windows PC that hasn’t “seen” the device before and seeing if the auto-install pops up can be a great way to quickly test for a defective unit.

Please let me know on the LED’s and/or whether another system detects the adapter and we’ll figure out where to go from there.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies


No LEDs are lit on the adapter. Since there are no drivers for this device in the Device Manager I don’t expect it to work. Why isn’t the driver in the Device Manager if the installation completed without errors? I reinstalled many times.


Thanks for posting here too! I replied to your question at…

Do take a look at that. :slight_smile: