Ethernet port on Plugable UD-3900 no link lights

I have my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 plugged into the Plugable UD-3900 and I can get my keyboard, mouse and monitors to work but the Ethernet port has no link lights with a known good cable. The Plugable Ethernet adapter shows up in the network settings but with a disconnected cable notification.

Software version: 7.5.540.18

Any ideas?


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for posting here! Could you run our debug Tool (instructions here: with the dock connected to the system and send us the .zip generated on the desktop as an attachment at with your amazon order ID and a link to this thread?

This will give us a better insight as to what is going on the software side. Once we analyze it, we can figure out the next steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. :slight_smile: