I am on computer A and I am remotely remotely connected to computer B using your usb adapter and running a DVR program on Computer B. Upon reboot I would like the programs to remain displayed on the separate monitors as the are now, however, on reboot they alway start up on computer A and I have to drag the program to the other screen. How can I lock it in? Please advise
Ron B

Hi Ron,

Thanks for reaching out to us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding the behavior you are looking for with our USB display adapters.

Unfortunately, where a program is launched, what monitor and what part of the desktop the program starts in is controlled by Windows. So there is not much we can do to ‘lock’ a program into a specific location on start. However, there does exist several third-party multiple monitor management programs that offer these capabilities.

You can take a look at the following programs:…


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